How to Create a Cleaning Business?

The cleaning market is now booming. It is therefore very tempting to undertake in this activity by creating a company. But the creation of this kind of business requires certain information to be held beforehand. Indeed, it is important to know which target to target, which training to follow, and to know the regulations in force. The choice of the legal form to adopt and the administrative formalities of creation are equally important elements.

The cleaning company can target individuals, businesses, but also hospitals, utilities in general or car cleaning. Certain steps are specific to the creation of a company in this sector to get success like commercial office cleaning Melbourne service.

Which target to set up a cleaning business?

Before you embark on the actual creation of your cleaning business, you should validate your customer target.

You can indeed consider cleaning with various types of customers. It can be realized:

  • home,
  • As a service to the person,
  • for companies,
  • For public buildings,
  • For industrial enterprises,
  • For transport equipment.

Your identity and strategy will be built around the targeted target audience. Be sure to determine upstream your market before you skip the step of creating.

What Training to Follow to Create a Cleaning Business?

The cleaning sector , as  a personal service and industrial cleaning , is not a regulated activity .

Therefore, you are free to undergo training or undertake without a particular degree. However, the activity is more complex than it seems since it requires many know-how both in relation to this activity and general knowledge in business management.

Running a cleaning business includes various tasks such as:

  • The management of maintenance products,
  • The management of schedules,
  • The analysis of productivity,
  • The accounting follow-up,
  • Commercial prospection …

If a particular training is not mandatory, business management training will always be an asset to help you better manage your business.

The regulations in force for cleaning companies

There are no specific regulations related to the cleaning activity. However, certain standards allow the company that  “obtains  ” it  to prove its seriousness and to differentiate itself from the competition. The ISO 9000 standard, for example, catches certain markets known as “sensitive”, such as hospitals or chemical plants.

The Office of Professional Qualification of the Cleaning Companies and Associated Services (OQPEP ) can inform you more about these standards.

The choice of legal form

The legal form you choose will depend on the brand you want to develop and your strategy.

To do this, it is necessary to consider various aspects:

  • Do you want to partner or create a cleaning business alone?
  • Do you want to target sensitive companies or markets?
  • Do you want to hire or work alone?
  • Do you want to raise significant funds to build a large business?

The individual company or self-business can be adapted if you want to develop alone. The creation of a company ( SARL or SAS ) is a guarantee of professionalism if you prospect a professional clientele, provided to provide sufficient social capital . In addition, if you want to set up a business with large long-term investment projects, the corporations are adequate. Indeed, if you opt for the Society, the SAS, or the SCA , you may consider, subject to certain conditions, an IPO. The e company legal status is necessary if you plan to hire and invest in starting the business. Some legal forms ( self-employed ,individual company ) are not inclined to hiring and important investments.

There are also franchises specializing in cleaning. You will then have to pay entrance fees and a fee, but you will benefit from personalized support for the development of the company, while respecting the image of the franchisor and the constraints it will impose on you.

Finally, choose the most favorable tax regime for your business, based on your initial investment and your structure.

To find out more,  find our article: how to create a business: how to choose the right legal status?

The formalities and cost of creating the cleaning business

You must go to the center of business formalities (CFE) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the registry of the commercial court having jurisdiction over your business. The administrative formalities range from € 0 to € 200, depending on the legal form chosen, including the publication of a legal advertisement if you create a company . In this case, consider writing your articles, ideally with the help of an expert. This formality will incur an additional cost.

If you will follow the steps described above, you can get a successful business like commercial cleaning Melbourne.

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