How to Design a Remarkable Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are notoriously overwhelming, what with dozens or even hundreds of vendors using the platform to advertise and promote. If you want to have a successful trade show experience, you need to figure out how to grab attention and make an impression on those in attendance. How can you accomplish this? Do it by designing a truly remarkable and innovative display. Here are a few ways to accomplish your goals.

Focus on Messaging and Branding

The reason you’re attending a trade show in the first place is to promote your company and/or products, raise awareness of your brand, and make an impression on trade show attendees, whether they’re corporate clients, investors, the media, or members of the consumer public. This means, first and foremost, that your booth must deliver pertinent messaging and support your brand image. It’s important to make a positive impression, but also to build your brand through appropriate PR.

Get Inspired

You never want to copy what competitors are doing, but it’s always good to keep your enemies close. By paying attention to the competition and seeing what grabs attention at trade shows, you can extrapolate and innovate some of your own great ideas.

Are competitors using tablets to create an interactive experience for event attendees? Maybe you can take it a step further and work on a VR app using guests’ own smartphones, just for example. Getting input from outside sources can only serve to fuel for your own inspiration and help to take your booth to the next level.

Have Some Fun

If you’re having fun with your trade show design, chances are your audience will, too. For example, you might want to think outside the booth. Trade shows are notorious for looking a bit like a tent city, with rows of pop up tents outfitted with banners and tables stacked with flyers and freebies.

Instead of going the safe and traditional route, why not set up your booth to look like something else completely, such as a greenhouse, a pro sports locker room, a Madmen-era rec room complete with wood-paneled walls, the command bridge of an alien spaceship, the set of a game show, or something that speaks to your company and your products? Transport people to another location, selling your concept and your company in the process.

Professional Help

There’s no denying that remarkable trade show exhibits can be difficult to design, especially if it’s not your area of expertise. You hire IT specialists to manage your computer network and accounting professionals to keep your payroll and finances running smoothly, so why wouldn’t you outsource the essential task of designing and building a trade show booth to a qualified third party?

If you want a truly innovative and remarkable display that speaks to a modern audience and offers an immersive and engaging experience, it’s best to work with professionals that can incorporate your input, offer guidance, and come up with creative ideas to get the ball rolling. You’re bound to get a lot further with professional assistance than you would on your own.


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