Various Mobile Security Threats Facing Most Businesses

Use of mobile phones has become essential in running businesses and increasing a company’s bottom line in the 21st century. The employees have been using mobile devices to access the information they need from anywhere at any time hence enhancing their productivity. However, use of mobile phones has also increased the security threat to the businesses leading to financial losses, damage to reputation, legal infringement, and regulatory violations. Some of the security threats that most enterprises may face include content sprawl, use of insecure devices, and installation of vulnerable applications. Therefore, companies should consider adopting the tools and software that would protect the mobile users in their premises regardless of the device they are using.

Various Security Threats

Most business owners have full protection against security threats posed by viruses and spyware. However, a significant number of entrepreneurs do not have an understanding of what is a mobile threat. The employees are aware of some of the threats on their devices while others get data about a business without the mobile users’ knowledge. The threats come in different categories including the application based, network based, physical based, and the network-based threats.

1) Application-Based Threats

These types of threats are usually from the downloadable applications. The applications may appear excellent, but hackers use the design in committing fraud to the users. The vulnerable applications give an attacker access to information about business, stop a service from functioning, or perform unwanted actions on a mobile phone. Additionally, the application may collect sensitive information from the user without their knowledge or approval or give an attacker control over a device.

2) Network Threats

The cellular and local wireless networks such as Bluetooth or WIFI pose a security threat to a company. The attacker may intercept the unencrypted data traveling through the air between the device and the WIFI access point. Any flaw in the mobile operating system or other software operating on cellular networks makes it very vulnerable to the attackers.

3) Web-based Threats

Visiting an unsafe web page may trigger a browser to perform other malicious actions or install malware on your device. Various social media sites and emails may send you links that trick you into sending passwords or personal information too without your notice.

4) Physical Threats
A lost or stolen mobile phone contains sensitive personal or organizations information that the hackers can use against you.

About Enterprise Mobile Security
The number of malicious programs used by hackers to attack mobile users is increasing each day while the malware targeting the mobile users are getting more complex each day. Business owners should consider using various security tools and software to monitor the employee devices or apps used to steal data. Mobile security tools contain the threats through occasional scanning of apps, monitoring the network connections, scanning for vulnerabilities, and detecting any behavioral anomalies on a mobile phone.

Mobile phones are an essential part of the employees in the 21st century both in enhancing productivity and in improving the employee satisfaction. Companies should regulate the use of the devices to ensure that their data is secure. Training the employees about cyber security also allows the employees to maintain the enterprise security on the highest levels.

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