What Are the Business Advantages of Plastic Letters for Signs?

Many business signs make use of plastic letters in their business signs, commissioning expert plastic letter fabricators to produce the letters needed for their signs, adhering to their demands of size, shape, style, colour, functionality and durability.

These demands are placed on all business signs, but what material accomplishes them best? Is there a “best practice” sign letter material? Are there business advantages to the use of plastic signs? This blog post aims to answer these questions and more – so read on to learn all about plastic letters from SignTrade Letters and what they can do for your business!

What a Business Sign Needs to Accomplish

A business sign has several specific goals which it must accomplish in order to be effective in its function and bring a return to the business. In short, in order to be a successful asset to a business, the sign must be able to: fit the business and its aesthetic, draw the eye and attention of a potential customer in a positive way, endure the elements without wearing down, and come at a cost-effective price for the return it will generate.

How Plastic Letters Can Help

Plastic letters offer a range of advantages over other letter types when used in signage. Tough, long-lasting, immune to the effects of weather, corrosion and water, resistant to wear, invulnerable to time and decay, versatile and available in any style and colour to suit your aesthetic requirements, plastic letters offer a versatility that can’t be beaten.

The Advantages of Plastic Letters

When used in sign letters, plastic letters provide a number of advantages over less suitable materials. These advantages include, but are not limited to, the following – so read on or contact SignTrade Letters today for more information!


The primary advantage to plastic fabrication is its incredible versatility – which is one of the reasons why it is so ubiquitous across industrialised society. With plastic fabrication, any shape and size is possible, any colour can be made, and components can be formed for more complex designs incorporating lights and other parts to create an eye-catching, custom sign to suit your needs. Whether you need to match a colour scheme, fit in with a specific letter aesthetic or create bespoke signs for specific settings within your business, don’t waste time on more rigid, less versatile signage materials – go straight for plastic letters, the most versatile, adaptable sign letters there are!


Plastic is also particularly popular as a material in all industries thanks to its cost-efficiency. At a relatively low cost, plastic remains viable and effective indefinitely, resists wear and tear, and provides much more variability and versatility than competitor materials. Plastic sign letters are among the less expensive signage letters available from SignTrade Letters, but their durability, long lifespan and absolute versatility and adaptability mean that their return on investment is considerable.


Plastic letters are more durable than glass or other brittle materials, not only in terms of physical resistance to damage, but also in terms of chemical and biological hardiness. Invulnerable to water damage and resistant to the effects of the elements, plastic is famously non-biodegradable and will repel attempts to colonise it by microorganisms, remaining strong and effective for years after setup. Plastic letters also distribute shock very effectively across their entire bodies, preventing chipping or cracking if accidentally bumped or hit, and can hold their shape in all business conditions!


As mentioned above, plastic letters are very resistant to the effects of weathering, resisting ultraviolet damage, wind and rain to remain untouched by time. When you need an external sign, don’t choose one that is likely to be rusted, corroded, blown down or worn away by the end of the first year – choose plastic, for a shop sign that will stand strong and look great for years to come!

Eye-Catching Design

An eye catching design is the heart of all sign design – without it, a sign isn’t going to be successful. The basic purpose of any business sign is to draw the attention of a potential customer, guiding them in to your business and signalling its identity to anyone who may be interested in your services. Plastic letters accomplish this by providing their trademark versatility, use of colour and design, and pairs it with your vision and business aesthetic to make the ideal sign lettering for your business. For more information on how SignTrade Letters can accomplish this for you, get in touch with us today!

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The expert plastic letters teams at SignTrade Letters will be happy to answer any questions which you may have, provide any information which you may need and offer any advice required to help you find the perfect plastic letter solution to your business requirements, whatever they may be. You can take advantage of these years of industry-leading experience and expertise by calling SignTrade at any time on their head office contact number, 08085 456700, or by following the links embedded in this blog post – by clicking through these hyperlinks, you can navigate directly to the SignTrade Letters site, and make use of the information on that site to discover more about the services offered by SignTrade Letters to their customers, or use the “contact us” page to find a plethora of contact information, including online contact forms and addresses.

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