Black Weekend: Overreaction Or even Overdue?

“Black Sunday” offers come as well as gone although the shooting of right now former mind coach Ken Hitchcock was not terribly astonishing given the actual Flyers background with training changes, ok last one, and which horrid 1-6-1 begin to the period, I’d end up being lying basically didn’t state the unexpected resignation associated with supposed common manager for a lifetime Bob Clarke did not absolutely ground me.

I struggled using the news at first, thinking about this through each and every painful second of another Eagles heartbreak and I simply couldn’t choose if changing both general manager and also the coach 8 games to the season tend to be decisions which were overdue or just a horrible over response.

If you consider it, the final outcome of more than reaction isn’t actually a difficult someone to come in order to. The skeptic within me cannot help but believe that if the actual Flyers experienced lost in order to Buffalo final Tuesday through, say, 3 goals rather than 8 and/or the overall game wasn’t transmit on nationwide television after that everybody within the organization’s egos are not bruised as well as none from the events which unfolded Weekend morning might have happened whatsoever.

On the actual flip aspect of stated events may be the question of whether they were, actually, overdue.

It’s absolutely no secret which Hitchcock’s relationship together with his players is actually strained sometimes, to say minimal. Dating to his times in Dallas, he’s been characterized like a difficult as well as demanding trainer. Of program, he introduced a Stanley Mug to Large D and it is amazing what sort of championship enables people in order to overlook the coach’s intended shortcomings. Ah but since the shine dulled through his diamond ring, those weak points were cut back into the actual light as well as he had been sent packaging. The Mug, as everyone knows, didn’t help to make it’s long ago to Wide Street also it seemed which Hitch had been having growing trouble applying his program amongst a lot of young gamers.

As with regard to Clarke, I’m pretty confident which i could find two times as many individuals who follow this particular team which have called with regard to Clarke’s mind than haven’t previously decade. The overall consensus may be that the overall game has handed Clarke through and he’s out associated with touch along with today’s higher salaried gamers.

So that is it? Overreaction or even overdue?

For me, it’s really both.

Clarke’s resignation had been overdue, but We didn’t believe way till after Sunday’s push conference. The thing is, I’m not some of those people that feel Clarke’s profession as common manager resembles the personality Mush inside a Bronx Story. In truth, I’d be challenged to generate a genuinely bad industry Clarke has designed for the Flyers. Alone that involves mind is actually Michal Handzus with regard to Kyle Calder as well as we’re just 8 video games into which transaction, so within the words associated with Matt Damon within Dogma, “time’s going to tell on that certain. ”

With all that said, when Clarke says such things as he experienced “lost the actual zest for that job dating back to to the finish of final season” as well as “I didn’t wish to make the actual decisions anymore that the general manager must make” after that yes, their decision in order to resign is actually overdue.

Hitchcock’s shooting, on another hand, had been, in my estimation, an unabashed more than reaction. Is it feasible that Erectile dysfunction Snider’s embarrassment within the Buffalo online game boiled to where we wound up Sunday?

A embarrassing defeat for the entire league to determine coupled using the little birdie that whispered within Snider’s ear how the players experienced begun in order to “tune out” Hitchcock, a claim incidentally the previous head trainer called unjust, adds as much as an emphatic yes during my book.

I recognize the aged adage that you simply can’t fireplace the players is simply about the actual truest declaration in sports activities, however, a trainer with Hitchcock’s pedigree most likely deserved a much better fate.

No matter my views, we have reached the actual genesis from the Paul Holmgren/John Stevens period.

The marketing of Holmgren, Clarke’s correct hand guy and somebody who has worked underneath the former GM going back 10 many years, cements the truth that the walking down associated with Clarke had been entirely their own doing. Regrettably for Homer, it appears he’ll need to prove himself worth the common managers chair within the next 5 months to ensure that Mr. Snider in order to lift the actual “interim” label from their new name.

Apparently, Stevens won’t need to worry about things like Snider managed to get crystal clear he is the top coach, time period. Stevens, an extremely successful small league trainer who brought the Phantoms to some Calder Mug championship simply 2 months ago, is just one 30 days into their first training job in the NHL degree but along with 11 players about the current Flyers roster that played below him using the Phantoms, Snider is actually banking upon his knowledge to outweigh their inexperience.

Time may indeed tell whether these were the best moves to create, but something is very sure, October twenty two, 2006 is really a date which will live within Flyers infamy. This is the day how the face from the franchise strolled off to the sunset… and an additional coach obtained pushed out the doorway.

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