Fire Protection Companies in Calgary


Whether you have an industrial, commercial or residential unit, it is important to ensure that it is well protected against fire accidents. This can only be achieved by installing the right fire protection system on your building or structure. Fortunately, there are fire protection companies that are renowned for supplying, installing, testing, inspecting, servicing and maintaining different fire protection systems.

Fire Protection Companies in Calgary If you need help with the installation, repair or maintenance of a fire protection system, you will find reputable full-service fire protection companies that can help. These companies have highly skilled technicians who use advanced techniques to deliver their services. If you are searching for suppliers of the best fire suppression systems in Calgary, these experts can help. Some of the systems that are offered by these companies include:

  1. The Wet Sprinkler System This is an advanced sprinkler system that is usually connected to the water supply, via a piping system with automatic sprinklers. Whenever there is a fire, the rising temperatures are able to open the sprinkler head, which will lead to the water being dispensed and helping to put out the fire. The best thing about this system is that it has a simple and straightforward structure, which allows for easy operation.
  2. The Dry Sprinkler System This system features nitrogen or pressurized air in the piping system instead of water. Once a fire is detected and automatic sprinklers triggered, the sprinkler head will open after the rising temperatures have surpassed the predetermined threshold. This will allow air from the piping system to ventilate through. A drop in the air pressure will cause the dry pipe valve to open, allowing water to flow through the piping and ultimately out of the systems sprinkler head. It is the best system to use in areas that are easily prone to freezing temperatures.
  3. The Deluge Sprinkler System These companies are also suppliers of the best deluge systems in Calgary. Similar to the pre-action system, in this system, water is usually held back by a special valve and hence it does not occupy the piping system. A typical deluge sprinkler system is connected to a water supply through the deluge valve. This is usually opened by the operations of the heat or smoke detection system. Ideally, the deluge valve keeps water from flowing through a piping system unless it is prompted. Unlike the pre-action system where the piping is pressurized using air or nitrogen, with this system, the sprinkler heads are always open.
  4. The Antifreeze Sprinkler System This is an advanced wet sprinkler system that employs automatic sprinklers that are attached to the piping and connected to the water supply. Here, an anti-freeze solution usually occupies the piping system. Once a fire is detected, the rising temperatures of the fire will open the sprinkler head. This will cause the anti-freeze solution to be released, which results in the water being dispensed. It is also ideal for use in areas that are prone to freezing. Other fire protection systems that are offered by these companies include the pre-action systems, special hazard systems, as well as fire pumps and controllers.

Moreover, these experts always strive to adhere to very high safety standards during their service delivery. If you are searching for suppliers of the best fire suppression systems in Calgary, these companies can help. Whether you are shopping around for the best wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, antifreeze sprinkler systems or deluge systems in Calgary, they have you covered.

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