Protecting The Wood Floor

We never stop learning. Don’t hesitate in asking questions to increase your knowledge. There’s always something new that we can learn and use that knowledge to protect our valuables. We spent the money on laying down a wooden floor in home or office. Now is the time to learn few tips about the wood floor protection to keep it last longer.

 Use Door Mats and Rugs.

The sand and small stones that we bring with our shoes is a serious threat to the finish of the floor as it roughens up the color and put the scratches on the floor. To avoid such damage place doormats or rugs at the door so these little stones and sand can be avoided. It is another way to keep such tiny particles from entering. You can ask the people to take off the shoes at the door before entering the room. High heels, sports shoes should be avoided for wood floor protection.

Prevent scratches.

Scratch makes the floor look old soon and kills off the look for the wood. You can avoid scratches by Putting felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs and be careful when you move your furniture. Avoid sliding the furniture on the floor to change its position. It is advised to lift up the furniture or any other heavy thing placed on the floor and then moved it the new position. The paws of your pets can easily damage the wood, marking lines or ruining the finish of the floor. You can avoid it by regularly cutting the nails of the pets.

Nice and Clean.

Keeping your wood floor clean on regular basis is very important. Leaving it dirty for too long will cause the dust and another residue to get a stick on it which will make the shine of the floor duller and old. Vacuum it regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Use the mop to clean the floor but be careful that your mop doesn’t have the rigid or hard spills which can cause damage to the finish.

Redoing Finish.

Wood floor protection is incomplete without talking about the Wood refinishing. It is a great way to bring back the old looking wood floor back to life. Doing wood refinishing after every few years can surely add life to your wood floor and also helps to make it look like new always. The process of Wood refinishing is simple and not so troublesome. It mostly gets done in a day. You may need to make a plan about refinishing from a professional to keep the floor in good condition for generations.

Careful about Products.

Don’t use the cleaners which have chemicals like ammonia and other products such as wax, polish, vinegar or oil soaps, these can cause serious damage to the floor like ruining the shine and finishing of the floor. It can also cause other problems later down the line.

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