Recycled/Reclaimed Wood – What’s Old is New Again in Toronto

Let’s all be enthusiastic advocates for environmental conservation, will you? Let’s talk about recycled/reclaimed wood for a better tomorrow. As thousands and thousands of wood recycling facilities spring up every year across the world, it’s becoming very clear that the war against deforestation is being won. In fact, according to a recent report, an average wood recycling facility will see thousands of pallets come through the door in need of recycling. But, winning the war isn’t that easy and despite the increase in recycling plants, it still doesn’t necessarily mean that people all over the planet will go ahead and use them. Nevertheless, wood recycling in Brampton is a step in the right direction.

Products Made from Wood are Here to Stay

You all know that furniture, for instance, will stay in this world forever, whether it is in the home or in the office, and the best furniture is made of wood. Nothing can ever beat wood furniture, not even gold or diamond. Believe me, that wood dining table sitting proudly in the centre of your dining room or that study table at the corner of your study room made from reclaimed wood will never ever find a substitute. The beauty of wood furniture will give your home a unique appearance that can’t be duplicated or replicated in a mass producing furniture process. It only needs slight sanding, wood staining, and colour finishing. It’s also worth noting that the products from companies specialized in pallet recycling in Toronto contain less moisture, and therefore, they’re tougher and more durable.

Renewable Fuel for Energy Production

Alternatively, wood recycling in Brampton has swept the city off its feet, because wood chips are also used as a renewable fuel for energy production. In fact, most countries are committed to producing much of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2030. Major power generating companies are planning to build several large scale power stations, which will consume tons and tons of recycled wood chips. Projects are in progress to heat learning institutions, hospitals and public buildings from recycled wood. There are also many companies set up for pallet recycling in Toronto, so if you haven’t embraced this modern technology, it would be a good time to start.

For those of us considering recycling some old wood, here are some tips:

Phone Ahead if you have Large Loads

If you have a large amount of waste wood, the company that specializes in pallet recycling in Toronto would appreciate you giving them a quick call to let them know you’re coming. This way, they can have the necessary staff on hand to help take the wood as quickly as possible.

Debris Removal

Carefully remove any debris attached to the wood that can’t be recycled, such as nails, plastic, and other similar materials. Extra caution should be taken when dismantling large amounts of waste wood that have been idle for long periods of time. Thousands of small animals and birds are killed every year because they choose to nest in the middle of large piles of waste wood. If you haven’t got the time to check, consider renting a motion detecting or heat sensing device to pick up on any animal activity.


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