Why Green Pest Control Better

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Green is for good for you. And if green is one of your favorite colors then so much the better for you. And perhaps you are already warming up to the idea of green living. Trouble is, there are still some of those things in domestic life that you simply cannot stomach. Like those noxious fumes that the pest exterminator left behind the last time he was over. He could not have been a green pest control portland or expert or practitioner even if he tried.

But he’ll come around soon enough when he’s business starts to dry up. You see, this green living thing is really catching on. It’s quite infectious, actually. The more people realize just how much it benefits them all around, the more enthusiastic they become in disciplining themselves to make that pivotal transformation from conventional everyday living to wholly organic lifestyles that are just so good for body, heart and soul.

And of course, it’s very good for the environment too. Not so much for the pests. That’s their perennial weakness. They seem to thrive on dirt. Germs and bacteria are like dessert to them. Not so for you and your family, probably more hospital bills. And you get these from the poison those pest exterminators left behind. It never really worked, did it. Every season, the mites and roaches and rats just kept on coming back for more.

But see how far they go once the green pest control man comes around. You see, he’s laying down organic poison. While it does no harm to your kids and pets, this is something the pests really can’t stomach. Get ready for mop up operations. Because don’t be surprised to find that these pests start dying on the spot.